Are you looking for Destin beach bonfires? What about Santa Rosa beach bonfires? If you’re looking for bonfires at either of these beach destinations, you’re in the right place. 30A beach bonfire rental and setup is a booming business along the Florida coast. 

Enjoying the faint crackle of the fire while simultaneously digging your toes into the soft white sand is an experience you won’t soon forget. A 30A bonfire is an excellent way to celebrate a wedding, a birthday, or the company of others. 30A Beach has a wide variety of beach bonfire options for you to enjoy on your next beach vacation.

Let the soft glow of the fire warm your soul as you listen to the waves crash against the shore by participating in one of the many 30A Beach Bonfires. 

Check out our list of the 4 bonfires at the beaches of 30A Florida!

4 Best 30A Beach Bonfires

The best way to enjoy 30A beach bonfires is to find a company that specializes in bonfire services. Some companies provide 30A beach bonfire rental and setup, while others create an experience around the bonfire for an unforgettable evening. 

Each recommended company has a 30A beach bonfire permit to ensure all bases are covered. Enjoy bonfires at the beach 30A by booking a bonfire from one of the 30A bonfire locations below!

And if you book a vacation rental property with Beach Luxury Vacations, our dedicated concierge service is available to help you book the best bonfire experiences 30A for the right price too.

30A Blaze Beach Bonfires

30A Blaze Beach Bonfires specializes in consumer bonfire experiences. Founders Davin and Lyndsey want to ensure each customer has an experience they won’t soon forget when booking a 30A beach bonfire with their company.

The basic beach bonfire package starts at $389 and includes a 2-hour fire, seating for six guests, two tiki torches, two side tables, a trash can, roasting sticks, and an attendant. Bump up your reservation by reserving the most popular package that starts at $489. 

30A Blaze Beach Bonfires

This package includes a 3-hour fire, seating for ten, four side tables, four tiki torches, a six-foot table, a Bluetooth speaker, a trash can, roasting sticks, and an attendant. If seating for ten doesn’t quite cut it, try the premium package for $689. The premium package offers the same amenities and bonfire time with seating for twenty, six tiki torches, six side tables, and two six-foot tables. 

Note that special event permits are required for bonfires with thirty guests or more and will result in an additional fee. Add-ons are available such as a s’mores package and food partnership options. 30A Blaze Beach Bonfires is open seven days a week from 9 AM-5 PM and is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Whether you’re booking 30A Blaze Beach Bonfires for a wedding party or birthday celebration, you will have everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Call (850) 733-0302 to book your beach bonfire today!

Bonfires At The Beach 30A

One of the best ways to light up your beach night is by booking a bonfire through 30A Bonfires At The Beach. This family-owned beach bonfire company is located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and provides various bonfire packages to fit your group’s needs. 

30A Bonfires At The Beach wants to make your 30A beach bonfire experience one you won’t forget by offering the services you need to relax. Packages start at $350 with the Simplicity Aglow package, which includes two hours of firewood, firepit setup and cleanup, a six-foot table, two tiki torches, and roasting sticks. 

The next level package is the Ring of Fire bonfire package, which starts at $415. This bonfire package includes everything from the Simplicity Aglow package, with the addition of six wooden beach chairs.

To bump your bonfire experience up a notch, try the Ultimate Flame package for $470. This package includes the same features as the previous two packages, with an additional hour of firewood, four extra seats, two additional tiki torches, a s’mores kit, a Bluetooth speaker, and their Mystical Fire option.

If you’re looking for a more inclusive package for your group, consider the Ultimate Flame XL package for $650. This package comes with three hours of firewood, firepit setup and cleanup, four tiki torches, seating for up to twenty, two six-foot tables, two s’mores kits, roasting sticks, a Bluetooth speaker, a cooler with ice and bottled water, and Mystical Fire. 

For those looking for a romantic 30A beach bonfire experience, try The Eternal Flame package for $385. Two hours of firewood, firepit setup and cleanup, roasting sticks, s’mores kit, two wooden beach chairs, a Bluetooth speaker, a six-foot table with tablecloth, and two tiki torches make up this intimate package. 

With the option to add on to each package, 30A Bonfires At The Beach ensures you have everything you need to get the most out of your fire-lit evening. You can book your beach bonfire with 30A Bonfires At The Beach by texting or calling (850) 308-1030 daily from 8 AM-8 PM. 

Light Me Up Beach Bonfires 

Light Me Up Beach Bonfires makes the booking process easy and provides a variety of accommodations to ensure you have everything you need for your beach bonfire. With six packages to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect package for your group. 

The Stir It Up package provides customers with a 3-hour fire, tiki torches, s’mores, roasting sticks, and a Bluetooth speaker for $379. Need chairs? You can add chairs to this package for an additional $15 each. 

High Tide or Low Tide package provides customers with a 2-hour fire pit, seating for eight, tiki torches, s’mores, roasting sticks, and a Bluetooth speaker for $399. If you need a little more room, try the Three Little Birds package for $499. This package provides four additional chairs, a chalkboard to welcome guests, and sparklers for everyone!

Light Me Up Beach Bonfires 30a

The all-inclusive package is the Roots, Rock, Reggae package for $699. Included are a 3-hour fire, up to twenty chairs, tiki torches, two six-foot tables, s’mores, roasting sticks, a large Bluetooth speaker, sparklers, a chalkboard to greet guests, and a set for cornhole.

If you’re in search of a small romantic beach bonfire, purchase the One Love package for $299. The One Love package provides guests with a 2-hour fire, two chairs, tiki torches, a side table, s’mores, and a Bluetooth speaker. The One Drop package provides just the basics of a fire pit, firewood for three hours, and tiki torches for $299.

Each package has available add-ons like chairs, cornhole, coolers with ice, and photos. You can also add a fire pit or extra time to your rental. Don’t forget that food is also available upon special request. 

To book your fire pit rental at Light Me Up Bonfire, visit them at 22400 Front Beach Rd, in Panama City, or call ahead at (850) 381-9452 Monday to Saturday 9 AM-5 PM.

The Rental Shop 30A

The convenience of booking directly with 30A bonfire companies is that you don’t have to hassle with third-party booking. At The Rental Shop 30A, they take this booking hassle to heart and ensure you don’t have to jump through any hoops as you can book directly with the company owners. 

Bonfire packages at The Rental Shop 30A start at $299 with the basic bonfire package. This package includes fire set up and tear down, two hours of firewood, and a table with freshly washed linen. In the winter months, free add-ons include a medium-sized thermos of hot chocolate with ten cups or a s’mores kit with roasting sticks.

The second package available is the Noah Beach Bonfire for $450. This package includes fire set up and clean up, three hours of firewood, seating for ten guests, a table with linens, four high-flame tiki torches, a music speaker, a gift box with s’mores, roasting sticks, and wipes, and a cooler with ice and water.

The Rental Shop 30A is open daily from 8 AM-8 PM with early closing on Sunday. Call (850) 260-0001 to book your 30A beach bonfires!


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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a Destin bonfire on the beach or a Grayton beach bonfire, 30A has plenty of options when it comes to bonfires on the beach. Enjoy Santa Rosa beach bonfires and Destin beach bonfires by booking 30A bonfire rentals today!

Of course, if you are an owner of a 30A, Destin, or Miramar Beach property do get in touch with our property management team at Beach Luxury Vacations. We have been providing vacation rental management services for over 35 years and will be happy to discuss how we can increase your ROI for your properties in  Santa RosaMiramar BeachBlue Mountain BeachGulf PlaceRosemary BeachDestinGrayton BeachDune Allen BeachSeacrest BeachSeagrove BeachSeaside, and Watercolor beach.