Beach Luxury Vacations, a rental management and luxury vacation rental company in Emerald Beach, Florida, is encouraging tourists to book vacation rentals in the 30A area over traditional hotels.

Renowned for its emerald waters and soft sand, the 30A area, named after the 30A highway which connects a series of luxurious beaches, is a sought-after holiday location and home to many first-class beach communities and amenities. Within this area, tourists can find rare coastal dune lakes and popular beach communities such as Santa Rosa, Rosemary Beach, Destin and Miramar.

For years, the above high-profile 30A areas were predominately visited by tourists utilizing traditional hotel facilities. Hotel bookings, however, are now being surpassed by vacation rental services as tourists are looking for more personal and localized solutions.

Beach Luxury Vacations is one such company that offers an alternative to traditional hotels. The company was founded based on the belief that luxury property management should be personal and vacations should be adapted to meet individual requirements.

The brand promises to deliver dream vacations in addition to providing all the amenities a guest would receive at a hotel, such as concierge services, housekeeping, and administration. For example, guests can book activities through Beach Luxury Vacations, such as deep-sea charter fishing, bike rentals, golf cart rentals, cruises, and beach bonfires.

In addition to amenities, Beach Luxury Vacations is also disrupting the popularity of traditional hotel bookings by offering a wider variety of accommodation options. By offering a range of quality houses and villas, the company is attracting guests who want more options when it comes to accommodation and a home-from-home feel in comparison to hotels that can feel impersonal and mass-produced. From apartments with sea views to mansions that can sleep over 10 guests, the brand aims to offer something for everyone.

All properties currently available to book through Beach Luxury Vacations are hand-selected by the property managers within the organization and follow the same trend of being both stylish and upscale. As the property management team provides all the maintenance and housekeeping services, they work with the ethos that each property should be managed and cared for as if it were their permanent home.

While the popularity of vacation rentals is continuing to grow over hotel accommodation, some tourists planning a trip to Florida may avoid vacation rentals due to the lack of catering options. Instead of offering catering, Beach Luxury Vacations aims to provide guests with personalized restaurant recommendations that are based on the unique tastes and preferences of their clients. In addition to this, the rental management company can also source and hire private chefs for guests through their concierge service. A guest, for example, may choose to hire a chef for the duration of their stay or to cater an event they are holding in their accommodation.

For more information on booking vacation rentals in Emerald Beach, Florida, contact Beach Luxury Vacations.